Thursday, March 17, 2011

Creation Unit (Day 2)

Day 2 of our Creation Unit was very simple and took no planning on my part. I had everything I needed to do the project and Isaac appreciated having something fun and extra to do for the morning. We have been reading what God created from several children's Bible's that I have before we do our activities. I got the idea to also read it straight from God's Word over at I Can Teach My Child. Each day is only several verses of material and he loves getting to pretend he's reading from Mommy's Bible. I love that he's beginning to understand that my Bible and his Bible's share the same wonderful message.
The activity also came from I Can Teach My Child. We used two different colors of blue paper (mine were pretty close in color, but it's all I had on hand) and some cotton balls to make the sky. I had a new "revelation" as I taught Isaac this part of Creation. I always thought that God created "water and sky" on day 2, but he really only "separated the waters" by putting in the sky. The water was already there! Before he began creating! Hmm... I guess you learn something new everyday!
He glued down the water and the cotton balls and then we labeled it together.
I wasn't sure that labeling everything was necessary, but I was surprised by how much more he talked about what everything was once I had written it on the paper. He noticed that the word "water " was written in the sky and the water and we talked about rain and clouds a lot. I really think he understood. (I doubt he could tell you much about our science lesson now, but I think he was getting it at the time. :)
I printed another coloring sheet from Bible Story Printables and he colored it.

We also learned a new song to go along with Day 2 (from I Can Teach My Child). I had to let him hold his cloud picture in order to get him to allow me to tape it. Here are the words:
Day 2, Day 2
God made clouds and skies so blue!
Day 2, Day 2
God made clouds and skies so blue!

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