Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Creation Unit (Day 6)

I'm pretty sure I looked forward to and enjoyed our Day 6 festivities more than Isaac! :) We did our Bible readings and colored a picture to help us remember that on Day 6 God created animals and people.

He also did more dot marker numbers. I know I said this already, but I am SO proud of how much progress he's made with these! I did some planning for this one and almost didn't have the self-control to wait until Day 6 to let him do these activities. I managed to pull myself together though and brought these out when we talked about God creating the animals. Both of them are file folder games that I got from Bible Story Printables. This first one is called Adam Names the Animals. It has a card with the name of an animal to go with each picture. There were several 3 letter words that were easier for Isaac to sound out and we started with those. For some of the harder ones, we just did beginning sounds. (For example, with "elephant" he would tell me that it started with the "e" sound and then we'd narrow it down from there based on the animals with that beginning sound.) He really likes it, though he sometimes loses interest before every animal is covered.

This was another fun game. It was called All God's Creatures Great and Small. On this one the cards had matching pictures, only they were a super tiny version of the big ones on the "board." The idea was to use a magnifying glass to make it bigger and then match it. SUCH a cute idea!
My little sleuth! He actually tired of using the magnifying glass, because the one I got was not that great at magnifying and if he looked at it really close, he was able to tell what animal it was without it... but he liked the game regardless.
He also colored a bunch of random zoo animal pictures that I had and I told him that after his nap we were going to meet up with some friends and go see some of the animals God had created at the zoo!!! He was excited and so was I!
We did head toward the zoo with Daddy and met up with one of Matt's co-workers, Shawn, and his wife, Jen, and their little girl Lauren. Unfortunately we got there at 4:30 and it had closed at 4:00. The kids did great with the news. I, however, was heartbroken.
SO, Jen and I rescheduled and tried again the following week. This time was successful and we had perfect weather, the kids were great and it was a blast!
Checking out the monkeys!
I don't think Silas could be more precious! I love this sweet boy with every fiber of my being!
I love how Isaac's gaining independence. I love that he is getting to the stage where I can let him get out of the wagon to take a closer look without worrying that he'll make a run for it the second I let him loose! Such a beautiful boy!
Can we pose for a picture or what? At least we were coordinated with our green! (It was St. Patrick's Day :)
Checking out the lions while making sure to pick up a few germs from the previous child who plastered their face to the glass. :)
He was so proud of himself for finding this zebra that no one else had noticed yet.
Isaac and Lauren aren't much for posing together, but I thought this picture was sweet of the two of them checking out snakes and lizards in the Reptile House. She is one sweet spirited little girl!
I had so much fun planning and executing this day's activities! What's more fun for a toddler than animals and the great outdoors!

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